Meadow Wood Activities

Sporting Clays

Meadow Wood’s 13-station sporting clay course is great place to shoot clays and practice for those tough shots you will encounter while hunting quail, pheasant, ducks and dove. Each station utilizes two automatic traps to simulate various hunting shots. The stations offer shots at singles, report pairs and doubles. Shots at targets representing teal high in the air, crossing quail and bouncing rabbits are all experienced during a round. Sporting clays offers a safe, competitive way to enjoy shooting with your friends in a controlled shooting situation. It is also a great way to introduce beginners and youngsters to shooting. Safety can be learned on the sporting clay course in preparation for hunting quail in the woods and fields. 100 and 50 target rounds are available. The course is open year round Monday-Friday and the first and third Saturday of each month, by appointment only.

The cost is $80.00 per round of 100 clays plus shells, or $60.00 per round of 50 clays. Breakfast and lunch can be provided if you like.

Meadow Wood’s 5-Stand shooting station provides a variety of targets from up to seven traps. Five shooters rotate through the five stations and shoot 25 targets each. This is a challenging shooting experience that provides lots of interaction for your group in one location. The cost is $40.00 per round of 25 targets.