Through Meadow Wood’s ministry efforts we are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching obedience through the unique use of Retrievers. Using these dogs as an illustration, we combine biblical truths and practical application to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer. It is our desire that you will learn what it means to be in an obedient and submissive relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is difficult to explain in words what makes the Retriever Demo so powerful. It is nothing more than the sharing of a series of simple truths. Truths that come from God’s Word, and truths that have the power to forever change a person’s life. What really makes this so unique is the ability to connect with everyone; men, women and children no matter where they may be in life.

It would be our privilege to partner with you at your next event.

In addition to our general audience gospel message Lessons In Obedience we also can speak to specific audiences, here are the different message options:

  • Lessons In Obedience (what it means to be in an obedient & submissive relationship with Christ.)
  • Parents – Parenting Through Obedience
  • Men – Lessons From A Lead Dog (what it means to be a man (Alpha dog), purity/integrity, leadership)
  • Kids/teens – Living In The Sweet Spot (identity, transformation vs conformity, freedom through confinement)
  • Seniors – What is Your Pedigree (Living and passing the legacy of obedience)

Pitstop 4 Parents Podcast

In this series we speak with renowned hunting dog trainer Bliss Steele of Meadow Wood Farms. As he takes us through the 4 stages of dog training and development you will learn that these 4 stages have profound biblical and life application to them. For more information or to schedule a training with Bliss, please fill out our contact form.