Meadow Wood Activities

Quail Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Duck Hunting, Sporting Clays, and much more..

Meadow Wood Ministry

Through Meadow Wood’s ministry efforts we are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching obedience through the unique use of Retrievers.

Fundraising at Meadow Wood

Over the past fifteen years Meadow Wood has allowed a few nonprofits and ministries in our area to use this property to organize and conduct benefit shoots to help them raise funds and awareness…

Membership Opportunities

A membership allows you to use the facilities and services provided by Meadow Wood and to attend club-sponsored events…

2015-16 Hunting Season

Ministry Video

Outdoor Activities

Quail Hunting

Quail Hunting

Meadow Wood’s two person, half-day hunt includes 50 quail. The hunt includes …

Quail Hunting

Pheasant Hunting

DRIVEN HUNT Meadow Wood’s driven pheasant hunts are remenisant of the old …

Quail Hunting

Duck Hunting

Meadow Wood offers duck hunting during the NC Wild Duck Season on …

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

Meadow Wood’s 12-station sporting clay course is great place to shoot clays and …

The Farm

Quail Hunting

Beautiful Location

Settled near Waxhaw, NC, our hunting land is some of the best.

Quail Hunting

Fine Accomodations

Our clubhouse features the comforts of home and a professional staff.

Quail Hunting

Delicious Meals

Fine dining and a professional staff make Meadow Wood Farms unlike any other.

Whether utilized for personal use or corporate outings, I can’t imagine a finer place for the outdoor sportsman than Meadow Wood Farm.

– Meadow Wood Member since 2001

We bring our most important clients and my closest friends to Meadow Wood Farm.

– Meadow Wood Farm member since 2003

The staff at Meadow Wood do a wonderful job of making every experience out there a pleasure.

– Outdoor Ministry guest since 2009

Great job on the Boy Scouts clay shoot honoring the men and women in uniform! You run a tight ship and a safe club, thank you for the opportunities.

– Meadow Wood Farm member since 2007

Great way to introduce my son to hunting and have valuable father/son time doing something I enjoy.

– Meadow Wood Member since 2005